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The sketchbook is updated weekly with Fama's latest sketches.

Daughter Lucie´s sketchbook is updated regularly and a new archive section is added so you won't miss any phase of her creative development.


Lil Red Arrow special process update
The latest chapters of the Process
exhaustively cover coloring
and computer techniques.

All site contents including but not limited to Vinnie, Alien Agent, Blid
Elastril, SkullMask Clown, and all other prominent characters and
likenesses thereof ©1998 Gene Fama. The Spirit, Commissioner Dolan,
and Ellen Dolan ©1998 Will Eisner. Ace International ©1998 Dennis P.
Eichhorn. Cornelia ©1998 Renee French. Captain America ©1998
Marvel Comics Group, created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. No
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