Here are some good comics & illustration-related websites.



The comics section of this site has Real Audio of Al Williamson telling stories, Archie Goodwin reviewing comics, "Twenty Questions with Alex Toth," and an acerbic series of personal letters from Wally Wood. I can die now.



Lloyd Dangle's site is alarmingly high tech.

jim woodring

Woodring's site is tons of fun, and a goldmine of opportunity for the financially liquid.


the jack kirby

A great site about Jack and a sidecar to the Kirby fanzine.

Stanton Button 

eric stanton

You don't have to be a pervert to appreciate Eric Stanton's comics, but it helps. There aren't many sites about him that don't require a credit card. Unfortunately, it's hard to say which is the more painful prospect, getting whipped by one of Stanton's dominatrixes or waiting for this page to download. 0026 on the hit-counter and going strong.

mike allred

Mike expresses his personality through cultural references and a sure drawing hand. His wife Laura is one of the best colorists around. The Allreds seem to inject the weirdo comics community with a much-needed shot of normalcy and optimism.

Zingarelli Button 

mark zingarelli

Mark's a great artist, for a Calabrese. Okay seriously, he's a heck of a nice guy and his site is full of his amazing, eye-popping illustrations.

lemon custard

Randy Hoppe and Mark Badger's snazzy

Silver Age 

silver age

Some nut has assembled scans of monthly covers from the era when Marvel comics were good. It's like you're in the past standing in front of  "the rack" feeling ... a stirring ...

Renee French 

renée french

When Renée draws something cute it comes out scary, and when she draws something scary it comes out scary. Yet her art is cute, too. She´s multifaceted and self-expressive.

charette design

My friends Pete Friedrich and Jeff Yerkey design very much. Make you so pretty.


norm saunders

A complete set of Mars Attacks cards.

SFR Button 

gold key

What would you do if I were to show you a gallery of scans with every Space Family Robinson cover George Wilson ever painted? That's what I thought. Clean yourself up.

Coop coop

Coop pours so much detail and personal obsession into his art that you might just wind up adopting a few of his, eh, proclivities. Woof!

Artbabe Button 

jessica abel

Who says girls can´t draw? (Just kidding, Jess!) has nice interactivity and spot illustrations, and offers a glimpse at Jessica´s insights and craftsmanship.





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